String Variation

Performed by Stockholm Studio Orchestra

Arranged by Olovson

Paloma blanca live

A live performance of Paloma Blanca at Färgfabriken in Stockholm.


A young child finds magic and adventure when finding a mysterious gyroscope in the grandparent's attic.

Directed by: Gabriel Böhmer

Paloma Blanca

A young girl who loves creating origami birds wishes that one of her creations would come to life one day. The wonder found within her allows her imagination to lead the way.

Directed by: María Medem

Books are flying

Clouds are moving, pyramids are shifting perspectives, and books are flying, in this abstract explorations of shape and movement.

Directed by: Gabriel Böhmer


In a place where the snow falls endlessly, and objects levitate, there’s only one person left to see it all.

Directed by: Anna Budanova